Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Unfortunately we were denied our grant application. I guess we either
A.) Make too much money! Cough, sputter, gag!!! Please, we are a 1 income family!!!
B.) We have no debt, so we are seen as having the funds that other families might not have.
C.) They just didn't have enough money to go around.

I really hope it was C. But anyways, we are moving on, Grant Application 2 is getting worked on as we speak!


  1. Ughhh! I know, we're a one income family too (with the one income in the education field at that) and we don't qualify for any grants either...makes you wonder how "poor" you have to be!

  2. how disappointing! Good luck and hang in there!

  3. We are in the same boat. I think instead of grants us "not poor enough" folks need to focus on fund raising. Our phase 1 was simple letter writing. Just told everyone what was going on and asked for support. Didn't go over as well as I hoped, made about $1,000. That being said...I better start thinking of more ideas!