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Our Family

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Camden Turns 4!

Well, Camden's birthday was on Tuesday the 26th, I can't believe that I have been a mommy for 4 years!  He is one of the best things that has ever happened to us ever!

The day did not start off as planned and it continued to stay off track the rest of the day.  It started at 5 am with Camden coming in at 5 and crying that his tummy hurt.  So I broke our no bed rule and let him climb in with us.  At 7 he got up and seemed fine so we went downstairs to get breakfast, I gave him some milk which he downed as usual, and then started crying, not putting two and two together, since he is hardly ever sick, hence, Camden always cries before he pukes, I went about getting his breakfast surprise.  I turn around and see him return all the milk that he just drank!  Oh joy!!!  On to bath #1 that day.  I went and put him in the bathtub as Randy was running out the door to his class, went back down to clean the chair, as they are cloth chairs that I HATE for that very reason!  After his bath he was ready for breakfast, I tried to get him to eat some toast and he refused, he demanded French Toast Sticks, so who am I to say no on his birthday! 

For the next hour I monitored him, he seemed fine, and so we went about our day, I went to get a few items for his birthday dinner that night, went to the library all was good!  We got home and settled down to watch the movie of his choice, about 10 minutes in he started crying again, so I grabbed him and ran for the bathroom, didn't make it...He got the carpet, me, him, and the kitchen floor.  On to bath #2 of that day.  I threw him in, changed my clothes, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the carpet, and then went and cleaned him up.  Then I got a shower. 

About 30 minutes later, I started getting the feeling that I was not feeling so hot and by nap time, I knew I was in trouble!  I slept all during nap time, Randy came home from class for about 2 hours, which I crawled upstairs to bed, and then he had to go to the firestation, so I had 1 sick kid, 1 hyper kid, and a puppy to take care of, when I could barely lift my head.  So needless to say, the birthday dinner didn't happen, dinner was soup out of a can and crackers.  He did get his birthday song, and his birthday swats, but it was not the best birthday. :-(  Luckly it was just a 24 hour bug for both of us and Dasha didn't get it! 

Today we made up for it though, we started off going for his 4 year old well check, he has grown 3 inches, and he finally broke the 30 lb. barrier, and now officially weighs 31.2 lbs!  He is a tall and skinny boy!  We then went to Schlitterbahn to beat this 105 degree day we had today!  It is insane how hot it is!  We need some rain horribly.  But he had a blast! 

Hopefully next year will be a better birthday experience!  I am almost glad we didn't have a huge party planned because it would of been an epic fail!

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  1. Not a fun birthday for Camden!!! Poor kid and poor you! Cleaning up vomit is the WORST!!!! I just had to clean up Aidan's friend's puke from my carpet recently. Even worse when it's not your own kid :)