Our Family

Our Family

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pink Eye

Dasha now has the lovely experience of pink eye under her belt.  She has had a runny nose and sneezing the past few days and I thought maybe allergies.  There is just so much unknown that you get when you adopt internationally and at her age.  You don't know if they have allergies and that is normal etc.  Well yesterday her eyes started draining.  Yuck, I suspected, but wasn't ready to confirm and she wasn't rubbing her eyes etc.  So I didn't take her and thought that I would have Randy look at her this morning.  He checked her out this morning and he thought allergies also.  I had to take her in anyway today to get her second round of shots so I asked to see a doctor also.  As just going in for the shots was just a nurse visit.   So the doctor came in and the look on her face was like ohhh, that's not good.  Dasha's eyes were really swollen and draining and it was an almost instant yep she has pink eye!  So now we get to put what we call liquid gold in her eyes three times a day.  We call it liquid gold because it cost $60 a bottle and the bottle is so tiny you could easily lose it in your purse.  Our insurance wouldn't cover it, but the doctor gave me a card that took the price down to $20.  Still expensive for eye drops but I see improvements already!  But boy does she hate the eye drops she SCREAMS in anger and starts shaking she is so mad at me.  It is hard prying a 2 year old eyes open to try and get the drops in!

She also got 3 shots today, this was better today than last time, she cried but didn't go into full meltdown like last time, so an improvement.  We have 1 more round in 6 weeks and then she is all caught up on shots.  I will be very happy when she is all done with that!

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