Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Again, still waiting

Man, that seems like all I do now.  I just want some control!  On Saturday we get an email from our social worker asking if we were still waiting on an appt. for Camden with his doctor.  We were like what?  You didn't give us a form for him to get a physical.  We were kinda stoked about saving $25 on the co-pay of not having to take him.  Well guess, what, we do.  Their mistake, not ours.  They didn't give us the form.  So I was able to get him in on Monday and now we are waiting on the doctor to mail our agency the form, silly that I can't have it back and just take it to them, saves me a few days!  But no, I can't have it back, it has to be mailed.  So we are still waiting on our home study!  Don't they know ours expires 2 weeks from tomorrow!  It should of already of been in Russia by now. 

We are also waiting for it so we can update our dossier all at once and just drive out to Topeka, rather than sending that much stuff in the mail.  That would be a very large envelope! 

I finally emailed both of our grant applications agencies.  One misplaced our application, but found it after I emailed it, they are rushing it through, the other they were still waiting on our references.  So I called those people, to try and hurry them along.  Hopefully they have gotten that done also.  Praying we get these grants, we need them badly.

We are also going to a fundraising meeting on Friday night, hopefully they can give us some good ideas on some more fundraisers, because other than a car wash, (which I do not want to do), we are out of ideas.

Hopefully next time I write, I will have my home study in hand, and on my way to Topeka!

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  1. wink wink how about some more peanut brittle???