Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good News and Prayer

The good news is that Russia cashed our check! That means our Dossier arrived safe and sound and is not lost somewhere over the ocean!!! The prayer is that the final meeting is suppose to be tomorrow for the U.S. Delegation in Russia. Pray that everything goes smoothly and that adoptions continue to go smoothly.

I did hear some rumors that some of the regions are using this as a way to make some age restriction changes and also not allow single parents to adopt anymore. We will just have to see how this goes. Fortunately this does not affect us, but could affect many people in the adoption community.

Randy, Denise, and Camden

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  1. Hello! I recently came across your blog and have been following along with your journey while I wait to begin mine=) Glad to hear that you are one step closer!!!! I am also anxious to see the outcome of the meeting tomorrow and hope singles(I am planning to adopt as a single!!) still have a chance to!! I'm looking forward to following along with your adoption process!! =)