Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I forgot to write about this.  A week after we got back from our cruise in February Camden had his tonsils and adenoids removed.  Knowing that Camden was going to be very clingy for a few days, my mom volunteered to take Dasha for a long 4 day weekend.  So on Thursday I met my mom half way and delivered one very excited girl to my mom and one sad boy that wanted to go to grandmas also got to come home with me. 

Camden never had a serious issue with strep, had it once or twice, but he had a bad issue with snoring and in the winter he would get a cough that would never go away.  He would cough so hard in his sleep that he would gag and throw up in his bed.  Finally after three nights in a row, I put the question out on Facebook, love that place, to see if my friends thought an ENT would even see him without a history of strep.  They all told me to try so I called and made the appt. and we went in and I explained my concern.  She really emphasised the history of strep, and I was preparing myself for a let down, but then she started talking about snoring.  Little kids are not supposed to snore, and mostly likely lead to sleep apnea issues later on.  Then she looked in his mouth.  She gasped and asked how he eats as his tonsils touch each other!  Needless to say we got our surgery.

So Friday Camden had his procedure, he got to pick out what flavor of anesthesia he got to smell and got to drive a jeep back to surgery.  The ENT came out after about 15 minutes and she was done.  He did good and they were waking him up and we would get to go back as soon as he was awake.  When we went back he was so sad and upset, it made me cry he was so upset.  They made us hang out for about 2 hours and then we got to leave.  There is one thing very unusual that Camden hates and it is band-aids.  Well when they took out the I.V. they had it taped on, oh he was MAD when they finally got the I.V. out.  We carried him out to the car and took him home to snuggle for the rest of the day.  He really did very well. 

Now one thing that they tell you is that they will have some bad breathe as their throats heal.  Well bad breathe does not even come close to describing what this smell was.  It was the smell of death, coming out of my 4 year olds mouth!  And he wanted to sit right against us ALL THE TIME.  It was enough to make me gag the smell was so bad.  I did everything I could possibly do, I gave him tic tacs, I brushed his teeth 3 times a day, I let him chew gum.  Nothing, Nada, Nyet.  It was rancid.  I resorted to most of the time to siting with my hand over my nose most of the time to try and block some of the smell. 

After 4 days we went to get Dasha and she was ready to come home.  I think she is well attached!  She was ready to come home and I was ready for her to come home.  :-)  Camden finally started acting normal about 7 days post surgery.  Hoping Dasha's hernia surgery goes just as well or better than Camdens'!


  1. I've never had to deal with that! So sorry Camden! When is Dasha having surgery?

    1. her consultation is on April 30th. So hoping we get the surgery in before summer so she is not laid up when it is really hot.