Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, November 8, 2012

1 year Metcha Anniversary

I went back and reread our Metcha Post.  Boy I must of been very tired because it was so random and sporadic!  We have lots of anniversaries coming up very fast.  Today is our Metcha Anniversary.  We had been traveling for about 48 hours and SOOO tired.  We had an hour and 15 minutes to take a much needed shower and eat some interesting eggs and ham, but it didn't matter because we were so hungry.  We loaded up in the death trap van and headed out to the orphanage.  I feel very blessed that we did not have to spend hours in car traveling like many people have our orphanage was in the city limits and very close to our hotel.  We went to the play room and in came our little girl.  The rest as they say is history.  I have posted some video also because I really haven't shared a lot of video that we took, but just shows how timid Dasha was.

The Van!
Please ignore my annoying voice.  She was very timid, just trying to encourage her.

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