Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Updating Documents

Yep, we are at that point, we have to start updating our documents.  BUT, I found out that almost half of them we do not have to update until court, so that is a lot of money saved for us!  So the original plan was tomorrow to go get a new marriage certificate and go get it Apostilled, copied and mailed all in one day, there is an office on the MO side of Kansas City that will Apostille, and we got married in Missouri, so that would save a week mailing it off to Jefferson City.  We were suppose to get this all done before the snow hits, but now the snow has been moved up to tonight and tomorrow morning 4-8 inches of snow.  So all plans are off because I do NOT drive on snowy days.  Not because I can't, but because others cannot.  See evidence below.

This happened one snowy morning in February of 2008, when I was right around 22 weeks pregnant with Camden.  Car was totaled, so I call Randy to come and pick me up and take me to the OB's office just to make sure that everything was okay.  20 minutes later I get a call from Randy asking if I was in that wreck up there with the white car.  I say yes, and he said look back about a 100 yards, so I look back and see this

Some lady lost control, side swiped him, spun him around and he got hit by an oncoming car and even though it doesn't look like it, his car was totaled also.  It did major engine damage to his.  We had just paid off his car the week before and didn't even have the title to it yet! 

So yes, we lost both cars within 20 minutes of each other about 100 yards apart from each other.  The insurance agent was in disbelief, never in his 25 years in insurance had this ever happened to a couple that he worked with!  So our documents will just have to wait a few more days until the streets are clear, and I will venture out into the streets among the crazies!  Good thing I don't work!

On a side note, ended up having to take an ambulance to the hospital, but all was well with baby Camden!

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