Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Application Ready!

Ok, we have decided on an adoption agency! We are going through the company Families Through International Adoption based out of Indiana. We have the application filled out, check written and will mail out tomorrow. We are getting so excited about this new journey. We have decided to request a girl, so that way Camden gets a sister. Our future daughter will be the first granddaughter on Denise's side of the family, can't wait to buy frilly girly stuff.

It should only take a few days for them to process our application and then we will be on to our true "paper pregnancy" as I have heard others describe their paper chase. It should be interesting!

The only thing that Randy and I ask of you all is to pray for us! Please pray that we make the correct decisions for our family, and for peace as we start this long process. We know it will take at least a year, and I am not a very patient person, to say the least. Also if you could pray that the finances are made available for us. We are unable to apply for grants until after our homestudy is done, but we are ready for this challenge. We are so excited.

Thank you for your love and prayers.

Randy, Denise, and Camden

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